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Are You or Your Business Equipped to Deal With Cyber Attacks?

Are You or Your Business Equipped to Deal With Cyber Attacks?

Cyber Intelligence is rapidly becoming one of the most useful sources of information for law firms, corporations, government agencies and law enforcement. Most of these agencies are trying to get up to speed on current cyber laws and procedures and most of the information that they need they must retrieve from an outside source. The FBI and other government agencies use every resource available such as social media sites to keep up to date on what’s happening.

Intelligence can range from tracking of splinter groups like Occupy Wall Street, to terrorists groups like Al Quieda.  There are a limited group of Cyber Intelligence companies that can handle these types of jobs. Most local law enforcement and local government agencies are not yet even equipped in dealing with Cyber Intelligence issues. These cyber crimes are normally referred to a person or agency who specializes in Cyber Investigation or Intelligence and legally familiar with the cyber road map.

Corporations can utilize Cyber Intelligence and Social Media to gain information on competitors, or to track down negative information or brand assassination attempts.  Some might use the information positively to log competitor’s progress, but, some may even use it for reasons beyond just to destroy a reputation, even worse.  By searching out this information many are using the social media platforms to give false information so that they can operate in the “smoke and mirror’ mode.

Cyber Investigation Services have developed proprietary systems to vet, identify and geolocate critical information on competitors, individuals, jurors, vendors, financial transactions, online antagonists. We have had proven success and are equipped to deal with all aspects of cyber intelligence issues, for any type case.

At a recent Cyber Conference we attended with the FBI it became very clear that the government is heavily monitoring the internet through intelligence analysts. If this is considered by the FBI, then it is probably worth considering for law firms, corporations and individuals.