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Monthly Archive for: ‘March, 2012’

  • THINK……….Before you Post!

    All of us realize that the internet is an open door to voicing opinions and experiences dealing with all aspects of our lives. There seems to be a comment place for every single subject you could ever imagine. As much as the intent of these …

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  • Defamation and Auto Complete Search Suggestions

    Auto-complete feature can be extremely troubling when dealing with defamation. For example, imagine whenever someone starts to type your name in Google and before they finish, it auto-completes YOUR NAME scam. The auto-complete can be about as aggravating to users sometimes as your auto correct …

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  • Simple Precautions to Prevent Signal Slurping and other Hacks!

      I find it interesting that with as much publicity about making your computers safe that even the Queensland Police are having to “Wardrive”- the art of finding open routers to attack- to inform the public that they are wide open. Wi-Fi connections everywhere are …

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  • Cyber Crooks Cashing in through Social Media Sites

    Raise your hand if you have become infatuated by the various social media giants like Facebook,Twitter, Google+ ? I know we all have been bitten by the social site bug over the past few years with the ease and access it has offered us to …

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  • Professional use of Social Media Options-Is it Right for your Business?

    This article is “SPOT ON” about the perils of social media, especially for companies who are using these sites for business purposes.  With the use of internet marketing and advertising in the social realm, businesses are realizing there is much more exposure to outside sources …

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