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Our History

Originally started as a concept between two brothers, one with a Ph.D. in engineering and one with a law enforcement and investigative background, Cyber Investigation Services, LLC has evolved into an industry leader to help businesses deal with cyber attacks, private intelligence gathering, complex investigations and global asset tracing and recovery.

Both brothers were heavily involved in all aspects of creating online presences for their separate businesses when they both recognized a need to help clients when they became victims of cyber attacks.  In working with clients in their own businesses, what they were seeing was this common thread where business after business after business was having to deal with some type of cyber threat.

The two brothers also rapidly discovered that there was little help available for these businesses from local and federal law enforcement agencies or from the traditional legal community.

From that start, they formed which is a Cyber Investigation, Internet Defamation and Reputation Defense firm that exists for one reason…… help victims of online defamation and libel.  As began to grow, it was becoming obvious that many clients needed similar help, outside of internet defamation.  Slowly, the brothers began adding capacity to their firm to where today, they can help assist clients with almost any cyber and investigative need on a worldwide basis when they come under attack.

Fundamental to our core is the belief that dealing with cyber and investigative issues frequently is much broader than technology firms alone can handle.  Having investigation, cyber intelligence and legal components as part of our core team has allowed us to solve issues for clients that had stumbled with other, highly recognized firms for months.