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Our Philosophy

Our core philosophies have been molded after interacting with 1000’s of people, businesses, and attorneys that deal with cyber incidents.  Specifically,

CIS believes that almost every cyber incident requires a team approach involving technical, investigative, and legal components to control and mitigate risks associated with cyber attacks, insider and outside threats, intellectual property, corporate reputation, fraud, and business relationships.

This underlying philosophy has driven us to excel in putting together the best, most highly trained team possible to help corporations, individuals, commerce, financial institutions, law firms and industry mitigate corporate risks. As an investigative and consultancy firm we provide by initial strategic advice at the Board and senior management level on a diverse range of services, including cyber security, risk management, corporate investigations, internet defamation & libel, litigation support, business intelligence and forensics. This is supported by on the ground operational response, reacting to the needs and demands of our clients worldwide.