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Alabama takes a Step Forward in the Fight against Computer Crimes

Alabama takes a Step Forward in the Fight against Computer Crimes

In theory, this is a good step, especially giving law enforcement the ability to obtain records across state lines. With the ever changing world of technology we need to address issues like these facing all of us.

What is happening in all aspects of fighting cyber crime is authorities are running into huge roadblocks as a crime crosses multiple jurisdictions. With this up and coming area of digital crimes the line becomes blurred on who does what and where.

For example, one of the biggest challenges facing cyber groups like run by the FBI is when the criminal is across international lines. While records exist that might lead to the capture of the criminal, a subpoena request from a US court to an internet service provider in China is likely to get largely ignored.

In the article below, with Alabama’s new proposed law, it certainly is a step in the right direction to helping law enforcement get needed information outside of its jurisdiction.. As other states and authorities watch to see what happens with the bill in Alabama there will surely be changes and adjustments to incoming procedures dealing with this issue.

What is not so obvious is how will that actually work in practice since most law enforcement agencies are woefully under trained in cyber issues and most district attorneys won’t authorize pursuit of many cyber issues. Needless to say that  most agencies, local, state and national need to be updating this problem on a daily basis. Let’s just say Alabama’s taking a step in the right direction.