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Attorney Support Services

  • Cyber Investigation Services is a highly experienced team of  cyber investigators, forensic examiners, expert witnesses, internet specialists and former law enforcement professionals that helps Corporations, Attorneys, Celebrities and Professionals solve high tech, internet and computer related incidents.

    Each year we are utilized by some of the top law firms to assist them with complex civil and criminal cases that require technical expertise, forensic services, damage assessments and high level intelligence.


  • We are a recognized leader of comprehensive litigation support services that include but not limited to technical reviews of forensic or electronic evidence, comprehensive online research including the surface and deep web across thousands of websites, forums, blogs, newspapers, journals, social media and private databases, subpoena strategies and locations of websites world wide as well as various other online properties such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Intstagram. We have helped hundreds of law firms within and outside the United States with large and small litigation efforts.

    Litigation Support Services

    • Early Case Evidence Strategy
    • Technical Subpoena Support
    • Subpoena Domestication Services
    • Location & Report Development From Open Source, Web Information
    • Timeline Organization & PDF Evidence Recording of Online Material
    • Development of Online Associations of Evidence
    • Online Damage Assessments
    • Computer and Phone Forensics
    • Hacking and Network Forensics
    • Online Monitoring Of Websites, Groups and Individuals
    • Identification and ID of Anonymous Individuals and Groups


    At CIS we have provided support for hundreds of cases for some of the top attorneys in the United States.  We have the ability to find information, evidence and data many times in hours, that would take days or months for most organizations to find.  Our services bring the right information to the right people at the right point in the process. With our extensive experience and experts who stay up-to-date with the latest technologies, technical strategies and trends, our clients can focus on the case at hand.

  • As more people interact with the Internet in meaningful ways, the legal impacts of Internet-related services becomes increasingly complex.  At CIS Our Internet, Online Defamation, and Forensic experts helps to inform the trier of fact on an array of matters both online and offline and provide both consulting and expert witness services.

    Some of the areas we cover are:

    • Internet Defamation Damage Assessments
    • Negative SEO and Linking Strategies
    • Interconnections of Websites and Owners
    • Email Tracing and Metadata
    • Documents, PDF, Pictures Metadata
    • Anonymity and Identification Practices
    • Website Linking Strategies
    • Internet Search Forensics
    • Email Forensics
    • Cyber Security Best Practices
    • Phone and Ipad Forensics
    • Data Recovery Practices
    • Malware Analysis
    • OSINT Intelligence
    • Network Forensics
    • Hacking Methods & Practices
    • OWASP Best Practices
    • Denial Of Service


    Dr. Chris Anderson is often engaged by attorneys for his work in online reputation damages.  This includes techniques to stop damage, how to identify hidden parties, how to remove damage, and cost of clean up.

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    Internet Expert Witness Services

  • CIS offers comprehensive forensic services for electronics, phones, computers, networks, and websites.
    Our team of experts conduct investigations using state-of-the-art equipment, while having a firm grasp of the overall legal process. They understand chain of custody issues and the importance of preserving evidence, and use only industry-accepted practices for obtaining the evidence that you and your clients need.

    Areas Covered:
    •    Phone and Computer Forensics
    •    Computer hacking forensics
    •    Network forensics and log analysis
    •    Server forensics and data recovery
    •    Litigation support & Expert Witness Services

  • More than ever individuals and companies are being defamed, stalked, harassed, extorted and hacked by people and groups using the anonymity of the internet to carry out their nefarious acts.  This component of the internet is frustrating for individuals, companies, and attorneys to implement classical legal or law enforcement solutions. Often this situation stops attorneys in their tracks because they “need proof” of who is behind the civil and criminal online acts.

    Every day, CIS staff talks to, and then formulates solutions for attorneys utilizing a combination of investigative, technical, intelligence and legal strategies to identify and locate anonymous individuals, or people that are not wanting to be found to be served or appear for court appearances.

    Like many other professions, when you have dealt with a situation many times before, then the solution for the next victim becomes obvious. While most victims and the people advising them believe their situation is very unique, most of the time we find that their problem fits the characteristics of one that we have dealt with tens or hundred’s of time. Most victims get extreme comfort knowing that very experienced professionals are handling their case.

  • shutterstock_224743639Corporations and Executives today suffer a barrage of issues online ranging from reputation damage, to IP abuse, to trademark theft, to traffic diversion, to phishing sites, to relentless attacks on social media. Every move is scrutinized by the media, their boards, their investors, their employees, their customers, and even criminals who’s intent is to harm them.

    Law firms and Corporations worldwide utilize our services to provide “actionable intelligence” on Corporations, Competitors, Individual Intelligence, Group Intelligence, finding of damaging materials online, to identification and takedown of photos and copyrighted materials. Through our proprietary technology and deep web search across thousands of sites from forums, blogs, pictures, social media, pastesites, hacker sites that have been screened by human analysts to bring you “Actionable Intelligence” that you can use, not a bunch of noise that is typically provided by data providers. Bottom line is if it is online…we will find it.

    Some of the areas we cover are:

    • Corporate Intelligence
    • Competitor Intelligence
    • Individual Intelligence
    • Group Intelligence