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Internet Expert Witness

CIS’s Internet Expert Witness Services

  • If you are an attorney looking for expert consulting or witness services inshutterstock_201895636 internet related issues, then CIS can be a unique source for you.

    As a leader in technology, investigations and litigation support in internet problems, we have developed a very unique set of tools and experiences that we can bring to your team.

    Our professionals have a variety of skills and educational backgrounds ranging from ph.D.’s in engineering to certified ethical hackers.  Once we understand your unique needs, we can match you with the appropriate professional.

    Some of the problems that we work to monitor and solve for our clients include:

    • Brandjacking
    • Counterfeiting
    • Cybersquatting
    • eCommerce Content
    • False Association
    • Grey Market Selling
    • Internet Defamation
    • Offensive or Harmul Content
    • Phishing
    • Piracy
    • SEO Manipulation
    • Trademark Abuse
    • Traffic Interception
    • Typosquatting
    • Paid Ad Trademark Traffic Diversion
    • Paid Ad Nefarious Traffic Diversion


    CIS also maintains a unique set of software tools, developed in-house, that allows us to gather information, evidence and support that is simply unavailable to others.

  • CIS’s Dr. Chris Anderson has been a pioneer in developing tactics to deal with the ever increasing problem of damaged online reputations.   These issues often arise from internet defamation attacks, false arrests, or other issues that leave a permanent scar on the reputation of your client.

    Dr. Anderson is often called to explain issues such as:

    • Techniques to identify hidden posters
    • Total spread and documentation of damaging material
    • Techniques to clean up damages using both injunctions and online reputation management
    • Clean up costs
    • Expected impact to a business or individual’s reputation.

  • CIS gets heavily involved in protecting the online brand of our clients.   Using leading edge, proprietary software, we watch for infractions such as counterfeit and unauthorized sellers, ad infringers, as well as the setup of phishing websites.

    As part of our internet expert witness support, we can support attorney in any of these related skills.


  • As an internet litigation support group, we have seen just about every imaginable way that one competitor can create harm to another.  Regardless if a reputation attack, theft of intellectual property, or intentional sabotage of a competitor website, we can help your team gain the upper hand.

  • CIS has developed unique, proprietary software to help find both copyright and trademark infringements and then identify the parties behind it.

    We offer these services to companies and attorneys for a wide variety of applications.  For example, we have been part of the location and removal team for over 23,000, copyright pictures hacked from a celebrity cell phone.  In this case, CIS located all of the material and then provided the attorney group with e-contact to send appropriate DMCA notices.

    As part of internet expert witness services, CIS has been hired to find all of the infringing activity of trademark abuse and document ownership.


  • At CIS, we combine 3 unique skill sets:

    1. Internet technology and proprietary software;
    2. World class investigative skills; and
    3. An in-depth knowledge of the legal process and a long history of supporting attorneys.

    We don’t believe that one-size fits all and so have established our services to rapidly configure to your needs.  Simply reach out to us and learn why CIS is becoming the company of choice.

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