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  • Are You Being Secretly Recorded

    Why You Should Always Assume You’re Being Secretly Recorded Be it for evil or for justice, being surreptitiously recorded is our new, very permanent reality. Mandy Stadtmiller 10.21.17 12:00 AM ET “You’re not recording this, are you?” Rest Of Article Here

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  • Unauthorized Sellers On Amazon

    Many people are surprised to learn that most sales made on are made by third parties. In fact, Amazon itself sells less than one third of the products offered on its website. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as most third party sellers …

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  • Amazon Brand Protection

    Without a doubt, is one of the leading retailers in the world today. This past year, the company made the top 10 in Forbes’ list of the 250 largest retailers in the world for the first time. Perhaps more remarkably, some analysts predict that …

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  • Florida Man Arrested For Cyber Stalking and Extortion

    Cyber Investigation Services LLC helped local police catch cyber stalker “Collin Spear” who was secretly video taping an ex girlfriend and then extorting her online by posing as someone else on social media sites like Facebook and 4Chan. Mr. Spear not only confessed to this …

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  • Unauthorized E-commerce Sellers

    In today’s retail world, with an ever-growing percentage of sales happening via E-Commerce, a new brand of retail fraud is proliferating:  unauthorized, online sales of durable consumer goods, often below the manufacturer’s Minimum Advertised Price (“MAP”).  These illicit sales have a tremendous impact on E-Commerce, …

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