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Case Received

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Please read the important info below.


1Our staff has now been sent your information.

2Next, you will then receive an email from us with a price estimate  or a phone call. You will typically get this email in 15-30 minutes if during regular office hours Eastern time.  Please understand that your case is not evaluated by a “sales” staff but by true professionals so sometimes we simply get busy and will take a little longer.  If your case is more involved or we need more details, then we are more likely to call you since there is no “one size fits all” solution to real issues.

3Once we come to agreement on approach, price, etc., then we would send you an agreement for services to begin work.  Note, we do not charge for initial consultations but likewise, we do not take initial consultations that we do not believe are serious clients.  We the huge volume of requests that we get, we reserve our time for those clients that we believe we can truly help with our professional services.


At this point, you may not know a lot about us and are probably wondering if we can really help because every where else you have turned seems unable to assist you.
Here is a few highlights:

  • Licensed PI Agency #A1000310
  • Support clients in all 50 states + Canada + UK + many other global locations
  • Work extensively with lawyers, businesses, & individuals
  • Primary work is in forensics, hacking investigations, intrusions, network and web security
  • Can point you to legal counsel if needed or can work with your attorney if needed
  • Deal with hidden attackers daily
  • Full Service – We help resolve your problem, not just do piece of it
  • Support many, many clients going to litigation or defending litigation with our litigation support services
  • Deal with hundreds of requests/month so we have probably seen your issues many,many times.


After working with so many clients on their intrusion and cyber  issues, we have a pretty good idea of many of the questions you may have at this stage. Below is a list of the most common.



Almost everybody that uses our services starts their conversation with “I’m not sure if you have every seen something like this….”. Because of the large volume of people that we interact with to solve their issues, we can pretty much assure you that we have probably seen your issue many times just over the last month.

While we understand that these kind of events are very emotionally difficult to deal with for you, we take a very professional approach to solving the problem including:

  • Understanding Key Facts & Actionable Items
  • Develop Fastest Approach to Solve Issue
  • If Possible, Offer Fixed Cost Quote (No Cost)
  • Implement A Retainer Agreement
  • Begin Work

Be prepared however because we attempt to get the facts of your case very quickly in a very no nonsense manner.


Success Rate

Our case success rate is very high (90%+) when a client is clearly being harmed online from a legal standpoint. However, simple solutions may, or may not produce the desired results.

For example in hacking and intrusion cases, many times we start with a simple approach of live forensics to determine if you have active running spyware, malware, bots, trojans etc running on your system. From there you can have the choice of just having it removed or actively pursuing your attacker. Should you actively pursue your attacker, then our hacking forensic teams will capture the evidence in a manner that will hold up in civil and criminal court. As you can imagine with the fast pace of technology and hacking kits available for only a few hundred dollars that used to be state espionage level spyware,  the resources required to analyze these types of cases require a high level of expertise and time. Our Hacking Forensic experts specialize in this type of work, where most local computer technicians and forensic technicians are not trained in this specialized field.


Can You Really ID Anonymous Posters?C

Can you guarantee that you will be able to help me? Short answer is yes, most of the time.

There are sophisticated people and groups who can easily remain hidden regardless of who goes after them: us, FBI, law enforcement, etc. The good news is that for most normal business and clients, it is unlikely they are facing that level of attack or expertise. Often, we can determine the sophistication level of your attacker prior to taking the case.


How Fast?

Many times, we can start working your case 1-2 business days after receipt of your service agreement. Our staff stays extremely busy so it takes us a day or two to work your case into our production system.

How long your case will take to resolve depends on many, many factors. We will be happy to discuss this with you once we understand the details of your cyber issue.