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Case Study Enforcement:
Large Volume, Internet Marketer
Case Type: Defamatory websites, online attacks, tortious interference

Case Scenario: This client runs a large scale internet marketing business where ALL of their clients research their name on Google.   Three individuals decided to establish websites defaming the client.   Furthermore, a former ex, high level employee was thought to be spearheading the entire campaign to derail the business in attempt to grow their own, competing business.

Through a variety of methods, RDO Investigators where able to determine the identity and location of the three website owners.  RDO then recommended an attorney for this case that filed 3 separate lawsuits.  One of the defendant’s proceeded to claim that they were not responsible and RDO was then able to provide all the necessary counter evidence.  The attorney was then able to reach a satisfactory arrangement with each of the 3 website posters.

On the larger case of the ex-employee intentionally derailing the business, RDO investigators assisted attorneys in providing the necessary evidence to ultimately obtain a $3.6 Million judgment.