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Case Study Identification:

Case Scenario 1
International Insurance Company
Case Type:
Tortious Interference and Defamation

Case Scenario: The client was notified by several of their co-insurers that they were receiving emails slandering the client and making claims that they were not operating legitimately. The information had recently cost the insurance company a very large contract worth over a million dollars.

RDO Investigators were able to obtain the original emails and attachments and through email tracing and forensic techniques were able to identify the sender of the email, which turned out to be someone they were in current litigation with. The suspect was trying to get off of his civil case by making the client look bad, and by damaging their reputation globally.

Case Scenario 2
: Key Executive Major Retailer
Case Type: Stalking and Extortion

Case Scenario: Client was a key executive for a major retailer and had been contacted by an unknown person that stated he had nude pictures of her that he said he had obtained by her ex husband. The suspect then proceeded to provide proof of having possession of those pictures. The suspect began calling the client and her husband at work and on their cell phones threatening them with exposing the pictures. The suspect the escalated the threats to demanding that the client have sex with the suspect while her husband watched at a downtown high rise hotel and they had to bring $10,000 dollars.

The clients contacted RDO to determine who the individual was.  Within a day and a half RDO Investigators were able to locate the anonymous suspect, capture his location and IP address and set up a sting operation with the local sheriffs office. The suspect showed up to the hotel and the sheriffs office arrested the individual for stalking and extortion.