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Case Study Stopping:
National Retailer Of Specialty Clothing
Case Type: Tortious Interference and Defamation

Case Scenario: The client was being attacked by someone who appeared to be a competitor is their industry.   The antagonist had setup a very well established blog bashing many of the online retailers in this space.  Because the blog had substantial traffic and content, it’s material was ranking highly on the Google and other key search engines when people search for the Client’s brand name.   Substantial drops in revenue where underway and because of the weakened cash flow, the client was hoping to not have to litigate to get resolution of this issue.

After doing an initial investigation, RDO Investigators determine two high probability suspects.  From there, our team was able to begin a sting operation with the hidden antagonist from which their city, state, and other significant information where obtained.  At this stage, we were one subpoena away from identifying the antagonist if this went to litigation.

Fortunately, cases can also be resolved at this stage.   RDO investigators then re-contacted the “hidden” individual to let them know that the client was in the process of retaining an attorney to ID them and resolve the issue.  However, the client was open to stopping if the person removed the damaging material.   Like many of these cases, the person rapidly took the material down is now leaving this retailer alone.