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Category Archive for: ‘Cyber Crime’

  • Cyber Monitoring your Teen in their Social Networking Life

    With the new technology evolving daily, it is becoming harder and harder as a parent to constantly monitor our kids digital activity. There’s a fine line between what the parents consider as monitoring and what the teen thinks as “NONE of our business”, it’s a …

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  • Cyber Stalking Claims-What You Need to Know

    Cyber-stalking is a type of harassment claim that some local law enforcement take seriously but many others do not. In order to take the claim to a “legal” level it must be backed by some serious claims ALONG with concrete proof of harassment action. In …

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  • How are Authorities dealing with Cyber Space Criminals?

    This is the 21st century and while crimes still take place the good old fashion way, like robbery, murders etc, right now, the criminals have are having a ball with all the new possibilities of Cyber Crimes. It’s proving to be a “lucrative” business for …

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