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    Cyber Breaches: 5 Steps To Protect Your Company In 2014

    Breaches of well-known corporations and organizations are becoming more frequent as the criminal hackers’ technological abilities are outpacing companies’ ability to keep up, with the most recent example a breach of the retail giant Target and the theft of information on 40 million of its …

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  • Data Breach Liability…. Proving The Case

    According to the Verizon 2013 Data Breach Investigations Report, a document assembled by law enforcement agencies from around the globe, there were nearly 47,000 data security incidents reported during the past year, with 621 of them classified as verified data breaches. While this figure is …

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  • Simple Precautions to Prevent Signal Slurping and other Hacks!

      I find it interesting that with as much publicity about making your computers safe that even the Queensland Police are having to “Wardrive”- the art of finding open routers to attack- to inform the public that they are wide open. Wi-Fi connections everywhere are …

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  • Don’t Get Hacked in a Hot Spot Honeypot!

    As sweet as it sounds it’s the last place you and your mobile devices what to get caught up in. That’s exactly what the Wi-Fi Pineapple device is designed for. It’s especially popular with the white hat hackers and individuals and companies researching their Wi-Fi …

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  • Is Mobile Phone Hacking just a Rupert Murdoch thing? Or is it More Prevalent

    It’s 2012 and with every new year comes new challenges in technology. For some time now it’s been the security of your personal information. Serious hackers and cyber attackers are developing more ways to access you emails, your cell phones and now your tablets and …

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