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  • Ever Changing Digital Technology

    Awww yes, remember your first PC back in 80’s? Mine cost me about $2500 (alot of money then) and was as big as a boat anchor. Thirty years later we are seeing electronic devices like we never imagined.  Back then we started out with cool …

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  • The “Hide and Seek” of Computer Hacking

    Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who think that they can get away with hacking into companies and high profile targets.  Most of them believe they can out smart law enforcement; however when the stakes are high enough, the federal governments across the world …

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  • Phone Hacking: What’s Up with that?

    Each week we receive numerous calls from individuals claiming to have their phone hacked. This problem applies to both individuals and businesses alike. There is no such thing as a phone or phone service that is completely protected from being hacked. With hackers working diligently …

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  • TSA Wireless Cybersecurity Audit finds Windows XP still in use

    From HITB.ORG We’ve questioned whether or not IT departments are too slow to patch Windows, and then took a survey that basically told us what we know, that patching Windows is a necessary evil and a huge time sink for IT. Well it must be …

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