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  • How Your Business Can Stop Competitors From Internet Defamation

    Today’s consumers are increasingly turning to web-based reviews to make their purchase decisions, and this has yielded a highly disturbing practice on the part of business competitors.  Companies are using the review sites visited by consumers to defame their competitors, posting negative reviews and comments …

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  • Finding An Anonyous Blogger: Can It Be Done

    Imagine you are the CEO of a company and your marketing director comes to you and says you need to Google our company.  You do the Google search and you find a 20 page blog that is all about you as CEO and the criminal …

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  • Subpoena Google & Gmail: Some Common Misconceptions

    In many of our cases, there is frequently a need to obtain subpoena information from Google.   Since Google owns so many assets on the web, like gmail, google+, blogspot, youtube, and analytics to name a few, then we find that many of our cases involve …

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