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  • THINK……….Before you Post!

    All of us realize that the internet is an open door to voicing opinions and experiences dealing with all aspects of our lives. There seems to be a comment place for every single subject you could ever imagine. As much as the intent of these …

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  • Defamation and Auto Complete Search Suggestions

    Auto-complete feature can be extremely troubling when dealing with defamation. For example, imagine whenever someone starts to type your name in Google and before they finish, it auto-completes YOUR NAME scam. The auto-complete can be about as aggravating to users sometimes as your auto correct …

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  • Address your Defamation Problem-Get to the Source!

    Seems like every day it is being continually covered in the media what most of us are aware of which is……that judges in many locations are holding the poster liable for defamation but not the website itself. C’mon people, get with the program…In the United …

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  • Injury and Liability in Defamation isn’t always Cut N Dry

    In our opinion, what happened with the New Mexico article was NOT the right way to go for the courts. What are they thinking?  Let’s make one thing clear, you just can’t go around saying whatever it is you want to about someone. There has …

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  • ISPS in UK Possibly Forced To Act as Defamation Intermediaries

    As part of a joint Parliamentary committee’s analysis of its draft defamation Bill, it is being proposed that ISPs and other websites act as an intermediary between the defamer and the defamee. Basically the ISP would be required to pass correspondence between the disagreeing parties …

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