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Category Archive for: ‘Internet Defamation’

  • Lesson Learned-AGAIN! Go for the Poster not Site

    True to form, one of the most recent rulings regarding Google being sued for defamatory content, citing regulation 19 of the European Union’s electronic commerce directive of 2002, is very much in line with the U.S.’s Communications Decency Act section 230 (CDA 230). What seems …

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  • Is Twitter Responsible for Content Posted by Users?

    This is the 21st century and while crimes still take place the good old fashion way, like robbery, murders etc, right now, the criminals have are having a ball with all the new possibilities of Cyber Crimes. It’s proving to be a “lucrative” business for …

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  • Ripoffrpt

    Internet Defamation Is Growing

    As the cyber world continues to evolve, a problem that we see getting more and more common is internet defamation. Now, we are NOT referring to when somebody does not like a business and simply posts a negative, but honest review. In our option, that …

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