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  • Trolling and Posting: Both Can Get You in Trouble these Days

      First understand that “Trolling” in reference to what we’re about to talk about is only pertaining to online behavior, so now that we have that straight….. Is trolling, on the internet, really going to get YOU sued? Possibly, in Arizona. Although it seems that …

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  • Keyboards are Becoming the Weapon of Choice

      As this article discusses, with today’s social media popularity, reputations can be destroyed via defamation in a matter of hours, if not minutes. This is true as we see everyday not only for the younger teen ages, but for adults and business owners and …

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  • The Power of Words-Be Careful it might Cost You!

    The following article is a perfect example of why you should be careful on what you write in the content of your posts. Although you are entitled to free expression online, no one has the right to ruin someone by defamation, and if you …

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  • Professional use of Social Media Options-Is it Right for your Business?

    This article is “SPOT ON” about the perils of social media, especially for companies who are using these sites for business purposes.  With the use of internet marketing and advertising in the social realm, businesses are realizing there is much more exposure to outside sources …

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  • Share and Stock Manipulation-Who’s doing WHAT about it?

      Unfortunately, internet dumpers of stocks are becoming very common…. By casting doubt on a stock, they can artificially drive the price down and they or the people paying them to do it can profit by shorting the stock. These “fraudsters” are completely distorting the …

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