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Copyright & Trademark

CIS assists attorneys in identifying copyright and trademark infringers as well as finding great quantities of online content associated with a massive copyright event. For example, CIS has assisted attorneys in requesting the removal of leaked celebrity photos from the Internet. 

Cases involving an excess of one hundred online items often prove too complex for the technical capabilities of most law firms. This is where CIS can provide the technical support you need so that you can focus on practicing law. Our highly trained analysts use advanced technologies to uncover hidden volumes of information in a fraction of the time it would take legal associates and paralegals to do so. Our engineering specialists are very familiar with each aspect of the take down process: from finding the material, to locating legal service points, to the efficient delivery of legal requests, to tracking the results. Choosing CIS means choosing to save yourself time and save your client money on billable hours.

CIS has developed multiple cost-effective techniques to identify those violating copyright and trademark protections. Our teams can tailor a custom solution that implements exactly the level of support required by you and your clients. This prevents having to pay for a one-size-fits-all monitoring solution, reducing costs that would otherwise be absorbed by you or passed on to your clients. Attorneys employing the CIS monitoring service receive regular reports they can use to uncover potential legal issues as they develop.