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Brand & Reputation Investigations

CIS assists corporate counsel, executives, attorneys, celebrities & professionals with evolving reputation & brand problems.  These services range from ID of anonymous attackers, location & removal of harmful web material, and expert testimony.

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Cyber Threats & Investigations

CIS Investigators help corporate, attorney, and professional clients with a myriad of complex problems.  These range from hacking, stalking, eaves dropping, to data breach.  If its complex in the hi-tech & cyber worlds, our team can help.

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Digital & Computer Forensics

Our specialists help develop critical, forensic evidence for use in criminal & civil cyber cases involving electronic devices and the Internet.  Given our volume of experience, our team can help target the key data needed and provide expert testimony.

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Global Corporate Investigations

CIS has conducted hundreds of investigations worldwide and have an unmatched track record of resolving disputes and working with in-house and outside counsel to successfully conduct and conclude internal and external investigations.

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