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Cyber Threats & Investigations

  • CIS Cyber Investigation Division is a highly experienced team of  cyber investigators, forensic examiners, data breach analysts and former law enforcement professionals that helps Corporations, Attorneys, Celebrities and Professionals solve high tech, internet and computer related incidents.

    Each year we are called in to solve civil and criminal cases that are beyond the scope of local law enforcement and legal counsel, that do not meet the case acceptance thresholds of the FBI.  Our unique solutions allow us to act quickly to rapidly evolving cyber crime cases all over the world and achieve the desired resolutions.

    • Internet Fraud +100k
    • Embezzlement
    • Website & Advertising Redirections
    • Website Defacement
    • Insider Espionage
    • Executives Hacked
    • Advanced Fee Scams
    • Wire Fraud Scams
    • Non Compete Violations
    • Whistle-blower Investigations
    • Corruption Investigations
    • Product Counterfeiting

  • Cyber Investigation Services is a highly experienced hacking investigation firm that helps Corporations, Attorneys, Celbrities and Professionals address unwanted cyber intrusions and hacking incidents where the client wants to pursue the incident criminally or civilly.

    We Specialize In Catching Hackers In the Act!

    • Computer Forensics
    • Network Forensics
    • Computer & Phone Wiretaps
    • Cell Phone Forensics
    • Browser and Data Forensics

  • Cyber Investigation Services is a highly experienced private investigative agency that has solved hundreds of stalking and harassment cases involving corporate executives, Professionals and Celebrities.

    There is nothing more emotionally taxing than having someone stalk and harass you 24/7 ruining your relationships, business, finances or reputation. Unfortunately, the police do not have the resources and training to investigate these types of cases and most cases are complex and costly.

    We Only Work With Serious Cases

    Due to the volume of inquiries, we only accept about 15% of the cases that we receive.  Our success rate is very high for our clients that are able to retain our professional team’s services.
    Cyber Stalking and harassment cases typically are quite complex and require a team of investigators, forensic analysts, hacking specialists and litigation support staff to develop the necessary evidence to take to law enforcement or initiate a civil lawsuit.

    Once on retainer, our job is to investigate the case and develop the evidence that is required by law enforcement, attorneys and civil proceedings to give you the leverage you need. Through our experienced team we have proven solutions to make the harassment stop.


  • CIS “Cyber Intrusion Team” specializes in “Incident Response” for computer-based intrusions for the small to medium sized business market. Our seasoned team of Cyber Intelligence professionals, Incident Responders, and Forensic Analysts know how to address your current incident and help you make informed decisions on how to mitigate the impact, as well as eradicate the current threat.

    Types of Breaches We Cover:

    • Network & Data Breaches
    • Website Hacking and Denial Of Service
    • SQL Injections
    • XSS Scripting
    • Insider Threats

    Our collective experience in working on hundreds of cases involving computer malware, electronic espionage and inside threats allows us to help our clients to quickly respond to an incident. Our On-Demand Incident Response service is designed to help your network administrators and technicians along with corporate owners and shareholders quickly and discretely address your situation.

    Our company supports cases throughout the U.S., Canada, and the world for that matter. We pride ourselves in the ability to support you in your location, while maintaining the cost efficiency of an extremely experienced group.

  • Electronic Bug Sweeping Services
    For Individuals, Corporations and Executives

    CIS “Technical Counter Surveillance Team” specializes in “Electronic Bug Sweeps” for corporations, professionals and individuals suspecting that their privacy is being invaded and communications intercepted.  Our seasoned team of TSCM professionals know how to find and eradicate even the most sophisticated forms of attack.

    • RF Bugs, Transmitters & Burst devices
    • Wireless and Wired Hidden Cameras
    • Phone & Computer Spyware
    • GPS Trackers

  • CIS “Cyber Security Analysts” specialize in “Cyber Security Assessments”  for corporations seeking to protect their data and intellectual property from unwanted intrusions. Our seasoned team of Cyber Intelligence professionals, Incident Responders, and Forensic Analysts know how to review your security posture and help you make informed decisions on how to determine your current threat level and how to mitigate them.




  • Bruce

    Expert Witness and Litigation Support Services

    Bruce C. Anderson is a cyber expert who provides testimony and litigation support to attorneys representing financial institutions, corporations, celebrities and professionals.  Expert witness services include analysis of key issues, case strategy, depositions, opinions, and court testimony. He provides a full range of expert witness consulting and testimony in the following areas:

    • Data and Information Breach
    • Network Forensics
    • Computer Forensics (Macintosh, Windows, Linux)
    • Cell Phone Forensics
    • Website Intrusions
    • OSINT Open Source Intelligence
    • Cyber Security



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