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Expert Witness Consulting

expertCIS offers expert witness and consulting services related to the Internet, forensics, hacking, cyber security, intrusions and data breaches as well as invasion of privacy through other high-tech means.

The Internet, computers, technology, and mobile computing have changed the world so quickly that businesses struggle to keep up with the latest rules, laws, solutions and evidence-gathering methods. Each month, CIS sees hundreds of high-tech cases from individuals and corporations seeking direct technical help or attorneys with the right technical skills. Our team of experts can be a valuable resource to you and your firm in evaluating a case, developing the necessary evidence, or creating reasonable doubt with the evidence held against your client.



Areas Covered:

  • Computer, phone, and high-tech forensics
  • Hacking, intrusions, and data breach
  • Intellectual property theft via electronic communications
  • Eavesdropping and privacy interception of communications
  • Internet and investigative intelligence
  • Litigation support
  • Consulting
  • Expert witness

CIS experts have worked with hundreds of attorneys from all over the world to produce evidence for their clients. Our team of cyber professionals stays up to date with the most current legal issues so we can help you or your client accurately present our findings in a manner that a judge and jury can understand. Whether you are just considering a case or need help with finding and developing the right evidence, our firm is ready to help.

CIS experts often advise attorneys on issues related to Internet defamation and reputation damage. These consults range from drafting a preliminary letter for an estimate on clean up costs, to generating a Rule 26 expert report, to providing expert testimony.

One such expert witness is reputation specialist Dr. Chris Anderson, who works daily with clients dealing with reputational issues. Dr. Anderson offers both expert witness testimony and consultations assessing the true extent of reputation harm. He, along with the other specialists on our teams, advise the best ways to handle cleanup and associated costs, as well how to help their clients recover from a serious, online event.