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Employee Misconduct

Employee Misconduct Investigations

For most businesses the management of employee conduct is pretty straight forward. However in some cases employees become involved in wrongful, improper and in some cases, illegal conduct that can disrupt the business and its operations.

At CIS we are highly experienced in working with some of the most common workplace improprieties.

A few of the most common examples:

  • An employee is verbally abusive toward another employee or customer.
  • An employee embezzles funds for personal use.
  • An employee sexually harasses a co-worker, vendor or customer
  • An employee taking proprietary information, intellectual property or trade secrets and using them in a non-approved manner
  • An employee starts their own business that directly competes with their employer (an example of a “conflict of interest”)
  • An employee becomes physically aggressive or makes threatening remarks

Our experienced investigators have dealt with each of the issues mentioned above and have helped employers respond to emergencies stemming from employee misconduct.


 atlanta skyscrapersIf you or your clients discover yourselves to be victims of employee improprieties or corporate espionaage then it is time to engage the experts at [CIS]. Our specialists can quickly assess a situation and deploy appropriate investigative and technical expertise to combat corporate espionage and employee misconduct. We obtain the facts and get to the bottom of each incident.