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Digital Forensic Services

forensicCIS offers comprehensive forensic services for electronics, phones, computers, networks, and websites.

Our digital forensics teams are highly trained professionals experienced in gathering evidence for civil and criminal cases, as well as for internal matters at law firms of any size. These experts conduct investigations using state-of-the-art equipment, while having a firm grasp of the overall legal process. They understand chain of custody issues and the importance of preserving evidence, and use only industry-accepted practices for obtaining the evidence that you and your clients need.

Areas Covered:

  • Phone forensics and data recovery
  • Phone hacking forensics
  • Computer forensics and data recovery
  • Computer hacking forensics
  • Network forensics and log analysis
  • GPS forensics
  • Server forensics and data recovery
  • Litigation support
  • Expert witness

CIS Team Of Forensic Experts

The CIS legal investigative approach to computer and high-tech forensics is designed for attorneys that require forensic evaluations handled by experienced professionals. CIS forensics specialists understand the vast world of smart phones, tablets, computers, networks, hacking and the Internet, as well as how to apply the digital evidence obtained from those sources in the best legal and technical ways. Having handled a large volume of cases involving various industries and legal specialties, our experts know how to preserve evidence, uphold the chain of custody, help build a case, and provide litigation support. Whether you are developing evidence for prosecuting a case or defending an innocent client, our team of forensic and investigative experts can help.

How To Choose The Right Forensic Examiner For Your Case