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Litigation Support

Many of our attorney clients are experts in routine law and litigation tactics, but unskilled in the issues of Internet reputation issues. Working daily with attorneys, CIS legal specialists can help bridge the gap between technology and the law.

An old saying in business and law states that while you can understand 95% of an issue, the last 5% typically causes all the problems. The CIS experts are available to help you with that last 5%.

Areas Covered:

  • Handling anonymous attackers
  • Removal of damaging material(s)
  • Stopping further damage
  • Operating in a sensitive PR environment
  • Getting to IP addresses via technically complex subpoenas
  • Using proxies and other techniques to remain hidden
  • Expert witness

Attorney Support Services

Businesses and individuals facing unfamiliar online risks often seek help from attorneys for preparation and protection. The teams at CIS are capable of providing the tech support necessary to offer these services through our affordable monitoring and protection methods. Attorneys equipped with our methods receive a streamlined report as soon as an event occurs, and then are able to initiate the appropriate legal steps to rectify the situation. CIS has developed multiple cost-effective techniques to identify unauthorized sellers and anonymous commenters, as well as those committing copyright and trademark infringement. Our teams can tailor a custom solution that implements exactly the level of support your clients’ needs.