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Cyber Security Away at College; Discuss it!

Cyber Security Away at College; Discuss it!

Chalk one up for the “good guys” on this one. With the positive end result in this particular article, it’s always nice to bring attention to how things should work out in this Internet ravaged world.

In our opinion, the key to this case, was that the person referred to in this article was a minor and was getting “creepily” stalked; i.e., photographs of her dorm room is scary. As any parent or relative of young girl student this is a major concern. For that matter security for both our young men and woman away anywhere is a monumental discussion and as it should be. To expose articles like this is always a good open communicator to discuss how to handle certain situations and what to be on the look out for and when to get help.

Every day there are many cyber issues facing all of us regarding personal security. Our laws and agencies are making great strides in upgrading and addressing these issues. Still, law enforcement is typically reluctant to take on cyber cases like this, there was probably two elements of this case that made it work.

First, the person was underage when the instances occurred with this particular instance. Thankfully, law enforcement will always take reports and claims more seriously since they are trying to protect our minors (rightly so).

Second, with the photos that were taken, law enforcement probably concluded was that this, without a doubt, was a “credible threat”. While people “threaten” each other on the internet, law enforcement had to determine….Is this person is likely to act out? In this 17 year olds case, apparently the pictures were disturbing enough to make them believe that harm might likely come to her. So undeniably the local law enforcement reacted quickly to prevent any further detriment on this young woman.

Again, any of these things can happen to you or anyone you love and the more informed each of us are to handle the situation the quicker we can get it under control. With the age of Internet living the security of our business our families and ourselves the more exposure you have on how to handle these types of situations the wiser and safe we all are.