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    CIS “Cyber Red Team” specializes in “Cyber Security Testing” for corporations seeking to protect their data and intellectual property from unwanted intrusions.

    Our seasoned team of Cyber Security Professionals, Incident Responders, and Forensic Analysts know how to review your companies cyber security posture and help you make informed decisions on how to determine your current threat level and how to mitigate them.

    We believe that successful cyber security starts with TESTING for security holes, HARDENING your vulnerabilities and PROTECTING your assets with best practices in cyber security.


    As a Cyber Investigation and Security firm we receive hundred’s of inquiries from individuals, professionals and corporations who have had their computers, networks and cyber defenses hacked. As Certified “White Hat” Ethical Hackers we understand the methods of attack, how to quickly assess the problem or vulnerability and how to HARDEN your defenses to secure the problem.


  • shutterstock_111954200CIS has built a reputation for state of the art web application penetration testing. Our veteran security professionals assesses and tests an organization’s web applications to evaluate the risks these applications pose to their Internet facing and internal web sites, and more importantly, to the sensitive information these applications manage. We have developed a unique approach to conducting a penetration test that goes way beyond running an automated scanning tool or identifying “potential” vulnerabilities. CIS utilizes state of the art web application testing tools, combined with manual review by certified and licensed penetration testers to test false positives and negatives in order to deliver to our clients a well thought out executive summary and report of our most critical findings and hardening methods available.

    Web application testing represents an ever-growing area of IT auditing and assessments that need constant attention and new skills. As technology evolves in this area, and more organizations come to rely upon web technologies and associated applications to run their businesses, security is increasingly important. In order to asses these applications, specialized tools for web application vulnerability scanning will assist in finding the majority of vulnerabilities and provide a solid foundation for finding more problems through manual testing. Using web application testing frameworks in addition to manual testing will allow us to perform the following assessments:

    • All Fields Checked For Input Validation
    • Identification of SQL Injection
    • Identification of Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
    • Identification of Command Injection Vulnerabilities
    • Identification of Business Logic Errors
    • Testing of Web Services
    • SOAP & REST Testing
    • Testing of Thick Client Plugins Like ActiveX and Java Applet
    • Testing of Back End Sub Directories
    • Testing of OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities

  • shutterstock_81633079As a network grows in size and complexity, the opportunity for vulnerabilities also increases, resulting in an increasing attack surface that attackers can leverage to get a foothold into an organization’s network environment.Most organizational networks are pieced together over several years which consist of legacy systems integrating with more recent applications and business systems.

    CIS team of security professionals have years of experience assessing networks,identifying vulnerabilities, hardening the system and the providing protection as you continue to grow your business. CIS uses an industry proven testing methodology that consists of automated scanning tools and (Certified Ethical Hackers) providing validation of vulnerabilities by exploiting them and identifying the real impacts to your organization.

    By exploiting these risks in the manner an outside “hacker” would do, we are able to hep you harden your systems, patch your vulnerabilities and protect your business moving forward from cyber attacks.

    • CVE & Security Updates
    • Backdoors
    • Malware & Rootkits
    • CGI Abuses
    • DNS Vulnerabilities
    • Open Port Security & Management
    • Default User Accounts
    • Elevation Privileges and Abuses
    • Powershell Abuses and Vulnerabilities
    • Patch Management


  • Cyber Investigation Services receives thousands of calls each year from companies that have experienced issues that involve the internet or their website. These issues many times cause business interruption, injection of malware or redirection scripts into their website or their web server, fake spam from their email server, advertisement malware, denial of service, or even negative SEO campaigns.

    Our team of experienced investigators understand how to quickly identify the problem and provide real world solutions. Whether you simply need to mitigate the problem, developing evidence for litigation or need to conduct a Cyber Security Review, CIS can assist you.


    • Distributed Denial Of Service Attacks
    • Redirection of Website
    • Negative SEO Attacks
    • Website Defacement
    • Cross Site Scripting
    • Advertising Manipulation
    • Injection of Malware
    • Website Take Overs
    • SQL Injection Attacks
    • XSS Request Forgeries


  • CIS “Cyber Intrusion Team” specializes in “Incident Response” for computer-based intrusions for the small to medium sized business market. Our seasoned team of Cyber Intelligence professionals, Incident Responders, and Forensic Analysts know how to address your current incident and help you make informed decisions on how to mitigate the impact, as well as eradicate the current threat.

    Types of Breaches We Cover:

    • Network & Data Breaches
    • Website Hacking and Denial Of Service
    • SQL Injections
    • XSS Scripting
    • Insider Threats

    Our collective experience in working on hundreds of cases involving computer malware, electronic espionage and inside threats allows us to help our clients to quickly respond to an incident. Our On-Demand Incident Response service is designed to help your network administrators and technicians along with corporate owners and shareholders quickly and discretely address your situation.

    Our company supports cases throughout the U.S., Canada, and the world for that matter. We pride ourselves in the ability to support you in your location, while maintaining the cost efficiency of an extremely experienced group.


    According to the 2015 Verizon Data Breach Report 49% of all companies hacked last year were small businesses.When you look at the typical cost of just 1000 records compromised, (a small number by the way) the cost to clean up the breach was $67,480. As you can see that the financial impact can be quite hefty. This does not account for the reputation risk that your company will receive that could impact the long term relationships with your clients.


    Because CIS receives so many inquiries from small to medium sized companies we began to realize that most Cyber Security solutions were just out of reach for most companies as they can’t afford tens of thousands of dollars to buy equipment, hire people and pay for consultants to help them address their cyber security needs. We told ourselves “There has to be a better way” to provide enterprise solutions to small businesses that they can afford.

    Protect your Website & Business from Hackers, Malware, DDoS and Blacklists!


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