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Cyber Stalking Claims-What You Need to Know

Cyber Stalking Claims-What You Need to Know

Cyber-stalking is a type of harassment claim that some local law enforcement take seriously but many others do not. In order to take the claim to a “legal” level it must be backed by some serious claims ALONG with concrete proof of harassment action.

In fairness to law enforcement, if they got involved in every “internet harassment” dispute, they would do nothing else because of overwhelming case load. The whole “he said she said” game would make a mockery of what cyber-stalking is really about and the real threat that exists. As it is, there are some communities local law enforcement agencies are overwhelmed with the amount of “dispute” calls.

As the article mentioned, one of the keys in harassment via the internet is to show a pattern of harassment. Frequently, it also helps to show multiple forms such as emails, texts, setting blogs, etc. Obviously, if the attacker is going to great lengths and using multiple ways online to get to you; that’s clearly considered harassment.

Depending on where you are located, cyber stalking does not carry terribly severe penalties. However, it can be useful to also get a temporary restraining order (TRO). The importance of the TRO is that if the person violates that again, then they can be charged with violation of a court order which is much more significant. Usually, if you are being attacked it’s a smart approach to make sure you get the degree of penalty for the perpetrator.

As far as cyber stalking goes,one of the major issues in any harassment case, and it will probably impact this “Hollywood” case as well, is being able to PROVE to a judge that these claims of attack are truly harassment.