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Ever Changing Digital Technology

Ever Changing Digital Technology

Awww yes, remember your first PC back in 80’s? Mine cost me about $2500 (alot of money then) and was as big as a boat anchor. Thirty years later we are seeing electronic devices like we never imagined.  Back then we started out with cool new things in our lives like microwaves and cell phones and today we can’t live without our ipads, smart phones, smart refrigerators, even our smart cars.

While all of this technology is exciting, it also gives reason for pause. Security for all of these devices can become a nightmare. It is hard enough to keep up with malware, bots, backdoors and other hacking measures without adding all of these entry points. The amount of available digital components we all  deal with is much more technical than just the average family desktop these days.

Most people don’t realize until they have a problem but when you buy electronic devices you need to give consideration as to what do those devices connect to and what data, information or systems might it impact should someone access them. This should be a pre thought not a post thought on your digital devices in order to protect you and your information.

We are already seeing a trend in Gang stalking, where a group of people hack into computers, smartphones, refrigerators, television sets, routers, along with setting up hidden audio and video surveillance devices in your home to spy on you. Whether these hackers are doing it for personal or business reasons, it happens even to your average “Joe”.

Sound like James Bond?  It’s the 21st century and when you pick up a detractor, antagonist, or rogue competitor, all of this technology can come into play. With all of the possibilities of your personal information being attacked by an outside source everyone should take necessary precautions, before it’s too late.