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"We Are Here To Solve Your Cyber Issue Quickly"


Are You A Private Investigation Firm?

Yes, we are a Florida based, private investigation firm PI Agency #A1000310 but do work in all 50 states and across the globe.


Can Your Work Be Used As Evidence?

Yes, almost everything we do is designed to be used either by attorneys or by law enforcement.


Have You Seen My Type Of Case Before?

More than likely. Since we take 250+ calls a month from clients under cyber attack, we have pretty much seen and heard it all.


What Do You Charge?

We won’t know until we do a free evaluation of your case. We do some work that only takes 1 hour of investigation time and we do some work that can lead to 100’s of hours of time.


Do You Take Contingency Cases?

Sorry but we do not do so at this time.


Do You Have References?

Yes and we can provide those if you become a serious candidate for our services.


Are You Attorneys?

NO. We do however work hand-in-hand with attorneys on many cyber issues and can point you to the right attorney or we can work with your attorney if needed.


Will I Need To Come To Your Office?

It is quite rare when we actually need to meet with you face-to-face. Since we interact with clients all over the world, we can usually handle everything that you need remotely. However on network and enterprise type systems that have had an incident response we typically will need to be on-site.


Can You Start Today?

We typically offer very fast reaction times when needed but for most normal cases, it may take a day or two to work into our scheduling system. If, however, you are facing a crisis incident, then we will find a way to help you.