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CIS Is Your High Tech Investigative & Technical Partner


As a criminal defense attorney, you are likely facing more and more situations where hi tech knowledge is crucial to help your case.   Let’s face it, these days almost every case involves some electronic aspect of emails, cell phones, computers, or the internet. But as attorneys, the local “technical squad” has zero understanding of the legal aspects of proving (or casting reasonable doubt) about a case so attorneys are forced to wade through issues for which they are truly not equipped.


Shocking, we know, that the Government actually got something right. The U.S. Justice Department provides a great model for this new age of dealing with legal issues involving the internet and cyber.   In handling their cases, they combine TEAMS that consist of:

  • Legal Expertise, and
  • Investigative Expertise
  • Technical Expertise

As a defense attorney, imagine having a complete team that is stronger than the prosecution. With your legal skills coupled with CIS expertise, you now have the edge.


We understand that you have to keep your client happy. That means providing the best defense possible but with obvious budgetary constraints. Depending upon the situation, CIS provides three easy methods to work with us to provide maximum value for your client:

Quick Consult Flat Fee

Often, we can save you and your client hours/days/weeks with information that we have learned over countless cases. In this case, we have a simple, per occurrence fee to “pick our brain” that is easy on your client but can make a huge difference in your case. Since you will already know this amount in advance, then you can quickly decide when to reach out to us for help.

Flat Fee For Large Scope

When there is a clear scope of what has to be done, then CIS’s policy is to provide a flat fee price up front. This makes its easy for you to then explain to you client.

Hourly Rate

Like your profession, there are cases where nobody knows what we will get into as it evolves. In those cases, we will provide you a competitive hourly rate where you have tight control over time expended.


Simple. Our preference is to “meet you”, at least by phone before you need us. Send us an inquiry and one of our principals will reach out to


  1. Case Strategy & Expert Witness – Because of our unique training in legal tactics, forensic analysis, law enforcement investigations, technical tools and usage, weaknesses in technical evidence, and hacking methodologies we are able to assess the strength of the case, and where the most likely opportunities are to create “Reasonable Doubt” in defense cases and how to tie up a suspect in “Criminal” or Plaintiff cases. We are then able to provide consulting and technical expertise throughout the case and provide expert testimony when needed.
  2. Law Enforcement Background – Because our firm principles have 13 years of law enforcement experience, 100’s of hours in depositions and court cases; understanding of the police and District Attorney mindsets; understanding of police tactics and resources; we are able to know where the strengths and weaknesses are in order to prove or disprove a case.
  3. Worldwide Rolodex – Our vast network of contacts include active relationships with the FBI, Department of Defense, Police Departments, and key contacts in most major countries around the world. This allows us to get to people, information and strategies that just are not accessible by most organizations.
  4. OSINT Forensics – Open Source Intelligence requires an in depth ability to access resources that are far beyond the reach of the top 3 search engines. As qualified specialists we have the ability to research, decipher and understand what resources to use on both the surface and darknet web to assist in finding hidden information that are not going to be found in a simple Google search.
  5. Computer, Electronic Device and Website Hacking Investigations Hacking is a generic term that is used to describe various methodologies of unlawful acts that include Denial of Service; Redirection of Websites; Use Of Misleading Domains; Unlawful access to a computer, website, server or email; phishing; wire fraud; fraudulent access to financial information; trafficking in passwords to unlawful entry into phones and Mobile devices.  At CIS we understand how these types of attacks are carried out, what tools are used, what evidence traces they leave behind, how to catch people in the act, as well as the loopholes in the laws and technology that would provide “Reasonable Doubt”, or how to close those holes in a plaintiff’s case
  6. Computer and Hacking Forensics – Anytime someone does something illegal utilizing a computer, electronic device, or the internet they leave a trail of electronic evidence that can provide substantial proof that a person is innocent or guilty of the offense. Because of the sophistication of FREE hacking tools, malware and exploits even novices have the ability to use tools that 10 years ago were only available to government agencies and less than 1% of the hackers world wide. Because of this, investigations of this nature require the understanding of the tools, strategies and traces of evidence combined with knowing how to utilize tools to detect malware and exploits that only run in Live RAM and never touch a hard drive. In addition we know how to analyze TCP and UDP traffic, packet captures, encryption, stenography, and the various hidden places to find trace evidence.
  7. Network Forensics – Network forensics requires the expertise to be able quickly triage a breach, the breadth of that breach, how they got in, what they stole, how long they have been there, and how to close the breach. This requires significant experience in Live Memory Forensics, Static Memory Forensics, Hard Drive forensics, network mapping and the ability to sort through logs from servers, routers, firewalls, intrusion detection devices and then how to capture that evidence in a manner that doesn’t shut down the operations of the business and at the same time preserves the evidence for a court of law. Because of CIS’s experience in these matters we are able to help investigate live incidents, as well as to help determine vulnerabilities that should have been addressed by the organization in liability cases against an organization.
  8. Internet Forensics & Damage Assessments –  Because of the breadth of the Internet and the changing algorithms of the Search Engines it is important to understand the dynamics of various aspects of the internet which include Search Engine Optimization, Negative SEO, Back-linking strategies, Internet History, Site Linking, WHOIS, Programming languages such as php, html, java, base64 and C++ in order to understand what is happening in a case. Our specialists know how to take apart each aspect of the internet, assess the financial damages, and evaluate the evidence from both a proprietorial and defense basis.
  9. Tracking Down Anonymous Antagonists – Most cyber cases involve some element of a hidden identity by a person or person(s) who do not want to be identified. They utilize proxies, TOR networks, Proxy Chains, Virtual Private Networks, Third Party Sites, Anonymous Phone and Texting Services, and anonymous email services to avoid that detection. At CIS we have developed a variety of tracking capabilities to capture a real IP address all over the world, as well as a clear understanding of which internet websites and properties will provide information to assist in the case.  This information is key in understanding how to catch a perpetrator or how to defend a client.
  10. Navigation of International Boundaries – Complex Internet Fraud cases involve the movement of money, people, servers, IP addresses and tactics that bounce between state jurisdictions within the U.S. and outside of the United States. Being able to trace these actors requires influence at the right places within the country, and/or on the ground assets to help develop that intelligence. At CIS, we have relationships around the world that range from Federal Agents, Interpol, Private Investigators and Governmental relationships. This ability helps us to develop strategies that involve world actors and complex cases for the prosecution and the defense.