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Google Investigators: Private Investigation for Reputation & Brand

Google investigation services are suitable for branding professionals that want to monitor and check their branding brandefforts. It is also suitable for reputation managers, and it is suitable for private investigators and lawyers that want to run soft searches on people, companies and brands. In short, performing in-depth investigation on Google for companies and attorneys is becoming a real growth area.

Google investigation is a new area

The Google search engine crawls and indexes sites faster and more frequently than any other program on earth. As an information gathering and cataloging device, it is unrivaled. Because of its nature, then often there is a treasure trove of information available if it can just be mined efficiently. It is therefore understandable that governments, private investigators, lawyers and citizens use the system to find out information about brands, people and companies.

The common fallacy is that the average person is proficient at finding what they want in Google. In fact, most people who are inexperienced often have a very hard time finding all of the detail necessary on Google, especially when it involves legal cases.

Soft Searches for people, companies and brands

A Google investigator can help scan the internet for signs and information about people, companies and brands. It is a soft search that is reminiscent of a soft search credit check. It is a type of search that doesn’t alert other people to the information gathering process and in itself doesn’t set off programmed or human alert systems. The target of the investigation will have no feasible way of knowing another person/company is gathering information. It is especially good for doing due diligence work into new employees without having them agree to anything.

Searching for deep and hidden information

The Google Investigators use search engines like Google and the Yahoo/Bing collaborative search engine to find information that some call hidden, but what the Google Investigators call difficult to find. Various techniques and tools are used to dig deep into the billions of pages of information that the search engines have crawled and indexed.

A service that is becoming more popular

It is not uncommon for Google Investigators to be hired by legal groups to find several thousand different pieces of information at a time. A good example of this is when they had to find over 23,000 pictures that were infringing copyrights for a celebrity. Not only did the investigators find where the images were posted, but they also found out where the cease-and-desist notifications had to go too.

Google Investigators helps companies determine their online reputation

It is often very difficult for companies to identify all the information that is being posted about them and their products/services online. There are many companies that buy routinely-generated reports that show where they are being mentioned, where their rights are being infringed, and where their products are being sold or maligned by rogue dealers. Google Investigators helps with this.

How does the Google Investigators team operate?

A team of engineers, programmers, statisticians, and computer science experts go to work in specialized areas. They then combine their research into a large report, which is curated by seasoned analysts. The team uses online and offline tools, spiders, crawlers, crackers, and big data tools and analysis software to find information and then decide if it is relevant or not.

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