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Google’s New Privacy Policy – Good or Bad?

Google’s New Privacy Policy – Good or Bad?

Google’s new privacy policy is causing a lot of concern about the search giant unfairly using information that you put into Google products to then better target its ads that it shows you. If you haven’t noticed then you aren’t paying attention. It is plastered all over the news, your gmail, account, blogger and everywhere Google touches your life.

If you don’t think this doesn’t affect you it DOES. Let’s give you an example: suppose you have searched for a mortgage in Google the last few weeks and then in your Gmail account, you have several email exchanges with friends about mortgages. That is pretty good indication that you are interested in a mortgage, and they are monitoring topics and content interests of all Google users.  What Google is now doing is using that intelligence to then show you more targeted ads when you are online….

The question is if that is actually helpful or is that an invasion of privacy?

In our opinion, Google provides some fantastic products that it gives away for free which you have a choice to either use, or not use… Believe it or not, there are other search engines to use. If what Google is doing is clearly stated and everybody understands that they are in the advertising business, then our view is that if you are not happy about this policy, then stop using their products. That way, the free market will determine Google’s policies rather than more and more Government intervention.