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Internet Defamation Is Growing

Internet defamation can destroy a conventional business in a matter of weeks.

Internet Defamation Is Growing

As the cyber world continues to evolve, a problem that we see getting more and more common is internet defamation. Now, we are NOT referring to when somebody does not like a business and simply posts a negative, but honest review.

In our option, that is how the online review system is supposed to work.

However, what we are seeing is an every growing number of cases where totally false, totally libelous attacks are waged on individuals or businesses by one of the following:

  • Ex-Employees
  • Ex-Partners
  • Competitors
  • Ex-Spouses Of Key People In The Business
  • Sometimes, Disgruntled Customers That Carry To Extreme(rare)

What we are also seeing is that traditional “online reputation management” techniques that have been used to counter these attacks by putting up positive material about the company are not working.

What is truly happening is that the business is having to suffer through these attacks, and are losing considerable business, unless they pursue the path of internet defamation litigation.

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