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How are Authorities dealing with Cyber Space Criminals?

How are Authorities dealing with Cyber Space Criminals?

This is the 21st century and while crimes still take place the good old fashion way, like robbery, murders etc, right now, the criminals have are having a ball with all the new possibilities of Cyber Crimes. It’s proving to be a “lucrative” business for them while law enforcement agencies are updating and putting into place Cyber Intelligence tactics.

Even with the right “laws”, then there is a real question about if (and who) will enforce them. Most police departments are only in the past few years adding cyber units to their force. What we already see across the country is a number of laws that have been enacted but yet there’s a small number of our clients can get help. Every day law enforcement and attorneys are contacting outside cyber investigation agencies and investigators to help facilitate cases.

This is largely occurring because law enforcement if woefully unequipped to deal with cyber issues at the local, state, and even national levels. Due to the increasing number of cyber crimes our law enforcement agents scramble to get a handle on the newest and up to date methods used to deal with these criminals.

At the national level, FBI and others dealing with very large issues and cannot deal with the smaller ones. Obviously, national security will trump someone’s credit card numbers being stolen. Even if law enforcement can handle, many, many District Attorneys across the country are not prosecuting these cases due to lack of knowledge and resources. While laws are good, enforcement of laws is a major unknown going forward. Most states do have some sort of cyber laws in place and we can be sure implementing NEW AGE internet laws will be a major factor in the upcoming days.