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Steps you take before contacting an attorney may end your cyber harassment nightmare more quickly

In the United States alone, over 850,000 people per year (most of them women) are subjected to some form of cyber harassment. The problem has become so large that the FBI now has a division dedicated entirely to Cyber Crimes. Cyber harassment can take many forms. It can be as simple as a person of one political persuasion “trolling” someone with different beliefs on social media. It can also be extremely serious, such as cases of sexual extortion, where a perpetrator threatens to release private photos or information of another if certain demands are not met.Cyber Bullying Attorney

Victims of cyber harassment can be deeply impacted by these crimes. Many suffer anxiety, sleeplessness and depression, among other symptoms. Obviously, most individual cases will not rise to the level that warrants involvement of federal law enforcement. Unfortunately, however, many local law enforcement agencies are not trained to handle these crimes, nor are they able to dedicate sufficient resources to stop perpetrators.

Consequently, many victims are left with no choice but to contact cyber harassment attorneys. While this can be an expensive endeavor, there are steps individuals can take to make this representation more efficient and effective.

Build a strong case before contacting a cyber harassment attorney

The best way to get the most from your cyber harassment attorney is to handle the investigative aspect of your case before you retain a lawyer. Hiring a cyber investigation team can get the core facts of your case flushed out before you ever start racking up hourly attorney fees.

The most crucial aspect of your case will be obtaining the true identity of your harasser. Cyber criminals often hide behind aliases or pretend to be someone else in online interactions. They might also use sophisticated technologies in an attempt to obfuscate their true location and identity.

Cyber investigators, however, can set online traps to coax harassers out into the open. They will also employ proprietary investigative techniques to determine if your perpetrator is harassing others online (thus establishing a pattern of abusive behavior). Ultimately, cyber investigators will use their skills and expertise to build a strong evidentiary case against the person who is harassing you.

Your cyber harassment attorney’s job just got easier

Once your harasser has been identified, your cyber investigation team will turn all pertinent evidence over to your attorney. Perhaps more importantly, your cyber investigators will become crucial witnesses in any case your attorney may bring to stop the harassing behavior.

The type of case your cyber harassment attorney brings will largely depend on the circumstances. They may be able to work effectively with law enforcement to arrest the offender and seek a conviction. If local authorities are unwilling or unable to pursue criminal charges, your lawyer may pursue some sort of restraining order to put an end to your cyber nightmare. Regardless of the ultimate method of enforcement, your case will be much stronger if you have retained top-notch cyber investigators to identify your harassers and collect evidence against them.

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