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Intelligence & Identification Services

  • shutterstock_124509382More than ever security professionals, investigators, human resources, law enforcement and corporate due diligence officers are needing intelligence on individuals and groups that are not typically found in traditional data bases.

    At CIS we understand that in the complex world we live in cyber criminals, hactivists, terrorists and antagonists are utilizing the internet, computers, phones, proxies, vpns, and social media to conduct their unauthorized activities.

    Identifying anonymous cyber actors online hiding behind technology, proxies, third party sites and other services designed to cloak their identity has caused the need for a marriage of cutting edge technology, cyber investigation and legal strategies in order to identify anonymous cyber actors world-wide.  At CIS we have adopted a “Private FBI” strategy which is designed to marry all of these disciplines to provide intelligence and actionable information for corporations, professionals, attorneys, celebrities, law enforcement agencies, government and high net-worth individuals.

    Some of the areas we specialize in are:

    • Global Location and Tracing Of Cell Phones Worldwide
    • Identification Of Anonymous IP Addresses
    • Identification of Anonymous Website Owners
    • Identification Of Impostor Social Media Accounts
    • Identification of Fake Email Users
    • Identification of Unathorized Ebay & Amazon Sellers
    • Identification of Online Counterfeiters
    • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
    • World Wide Human Intelligence (HUMINT)Resources
    • Signal Intelligence & Monitoring (SIGINT)
    • Social Intelligence (SOCINT)


    We offer a variety of strategies for serious cases which require actionable intelligence. Due the confidentiality of our techniques, strategies and methods we require an initial consult to determine whether or not your case is a good fit for our services.

  • Corporations, governments, and private individuals are under increasing cyber threats from criminally or politically motivated groups, individuals and organizations. These threats range from threats to reputation, hacking threats, extortion, physical threats and even infiltration into your corporation, or group.

    Most organizations do not have the resources to thoroughly research and keep up with these types of groups and organizations.

    As SUN TSU once said “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer” is solid advice even in today’s society.

    Knowing who your adversaries are and the threats they pose, while preparing your organization for an attack or an insider infiltration will allow you to be proactive and handle unknown issues and threats. Though Intelligence is a word mostly used by government agencies and clandestine operations, cyber threats are very real in today’s corporate environment and help companies and executives reduce those threats and risks to their organizations.

    CIS takes a unique approach, providing relevant and actionable surface and deep OSINT intelligence about the activities, capabilities and motivation of online criminals and hacktivists. By identifying their members, strategies, and actions we provide unprecedented insight into their activities and capabilities.

    Our Group Intelligence services include:    

    • Mapping players — hackers, hacktivists, criminal groups, political groups and more
    • Comprehensive Coverage —hackers forums, closed groups, Darknet, Deep-web, Open-source, Social
    • Methods, Means and Objectives of the group
    • Identification and analysis of relevant trends in cross-industry threats
    • Analysis of past threats and attacks
    • Assessment of potential threats and probabilities


    Online alerts of future attacks and consultation for their mitigation


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