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Free Internet Defamation Guide

Learn How To Best Solve Your Internet Defamation Issue With Our Free Guide.

Each Year, We Solve Hundreds Of Internet Defamation Cases For Attorneys, Corporations, & Individuals.

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Cyber Investigation Services is a highly experienced internet defamation & libel group that helps Attorneys, Corporations, Small Businesses, and Individuals with complex internet issues. CIS is a leading cyber investigation & litigation support firm that receives thousands of requests for help each year. Our unique solutions allow us to act quickly to rapidly evolving cyber defamation cases and achieve the desired resolutions.

As a Cyber Investigation group, supplemented by top attorneys, we have tools not available to others. Even if you don’t use our services, this free guide will help educate you to what is really working in internet defamation today.


  • How To ID Anonymous Poster?
  • Are There Easy Ways To Remove Damage?
  • Why A Local Attorney May Not Be The Right Choice?
  • Can The Bad Web Material Be Pushed Down?
  • Can The Poster Be Sued For Large Damages?
  • If I Need An Attorney, How To Find A Good One?
  • How Can CIS Save Me Money?
  • What Does CIS Do And What Are Costs?
  • How To Contact Us For Help?

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