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Internet Stalking & Harassment Benefits

Internet Stalking & Harassment

Any internet stalking and harassment cases must be taken serious. The reaction rate affects the damage that an attacker can cause in your relationships, businesses and finances. As a result of our expert Internet Stalking & Harassment services, you will receive:

  • Expert Intervention. Timely  response minimizes the damage because it allows for stopping the developing unwanted consequences. Quick expert intervention can quickly help you understand your situation and how to start to gain control over your life.
  • Ability To Seek Criminal Prosecution. Most police departments across the U.S. today do not have the time, training or manpower to investigate cyber harassment or stalking cases unless it involves physical threats that have opportunity to carry them out or extortion. However as a result of our investigations which “Build the Case” for the police in a manner that they understand and is admissible in a court of law, makes their job easy. All they have to do is confirm the facts laid out by our investigation, and to issue subpoenas for the information provided them. We find that in most cases with all of that information in place, they will take action against your stalker/harasser.
  • Ability To Seek A Restraining Order. Many states now have laws that will allow a restraining order against persons harassing or stalking you online. In those states that have cyber laws allowing restraining orders our well developed case and “Sworn Affidavit” backed with evidence will go along way in helping you or your attorney in filing a restraining order against your perpetrator.
  • Ability To Purse Civil Actions. Most states have civil laws that allow a law suit against someone for harassment, stalking and emotional distress. This would allow you to pursue your attacker to obtain a restraining order, legal fees and damages. If your attacker doesn’t have financial resources you can hold a judgment over their heads for payment when they do obtain money. Your attorney can best advise you as to the laws in your state.
  • Ability To Get Your Life Back. Cyber stalking and harassment can take an extreme emotional toll on you, regardless of your stature in life. Many times these types of cases cause paranoia, fear and anxiety attacks which can leave you feeling like you don’t have any options to make the attacks stop. With our Cyber Stalking & Harassment Investigations we know how to solve these cases and help you get your life back to normal quickly.