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Invasion of Privacy

CIS Is A Leading Cyber & Technical Investigation Firm That Specializes In Developing The Evidence Required For Privacy Invasion Cases Involving High-Tech.

invasionHigh Tech Invasion of Privacy

When someone invades your privacy, they violate your fundamental rights of personal security and personal liberty. The Constitution offers you protection from these violations. Invasion of privacy claims are complex. They involve complicated evidence that must be obtained BEFORE you can ever seek legal remedies from your attorney for the violation of  your most important civil rights. Without the help of an experienced Privacy Investigation firm, teamed up with a qualified attorney, fighting for the protection of your rights can seem to be an impossible battle. At CIS we can provide you with the technical and litigation resources you or your attorney might need.

Types Of Cases We Handle:

Invasion of Privacy By Hacking of Computers, Cell Phones, Tablets, Networks, Routers, Spyware, Keyloggers, Trojans, Bots, Malware

Invasion of Privacy By Hi-Tech Surveillance Devices such as Eavesdropping Devices, Bugs, Listening Devices, GPS Trackers, Video, Phone Taps, Recording Devices, BlueTooth

Invasion of Privacy Data Breach By Hacking of Websites, Data Bases, Customer Information, Intellectual Property, Vendor Information, Corporate Information

Public Disclosure of Private Facts -By disclosing your personal information, such as medical or financial records, compromising pictures, or other private information without authorization.

Misappropriation of Name or Likeness by using your picture, image, voice, or name without your permission.

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Why Choose CIS?

As a Cyber Investigation group, we have built a team of hacking forensic specialists, Technical Surveillance Counter Measure experts and top internet attorneys with the goal of helping our clients develop the evidence they need to file a law suit or to take to the police.  In most of our cases we are able to determine the methods of attacks, develop the required evidence, and in many cases (although not guaranteed), identify the person(s) behind the attack. Our philosophy is simple. When your case needs professional Hi-Tech Forensic help we are able to use our wealth of experience and contacts to provide our clients with the quickest and most cost efficient solutions possible.