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About Us

  • Cyber Investigation Services LLC is a boutique cyber investigation and corporate intelligence firm that works with some of the largest corporations, law firms, celebrities and  professionals worldwide.

    Dedicated to integrity and excellence, we provide 1) investigations 2) monitoring and 3) deep web intelligence related to complex cyber threats impacting our clients.


    As cyber threats continue to change the corporate and professional landscape, CIS continually adopts its tools and tactics to provide its customers top-level support.

    Since inception, we have handled over 1000 complex cyber cases, many of which are with some of the top law firms, celebrities and professionals worldwide.

  • CIS staffs itself with a variety of talents ranging from investigators, to engineers, to analysts, to software programmers.  It is this unique diversity of talent that allows us to excel in helping our clients.

    The company was founded, and is lead, by two principals who hold advanced degrees and certifications in engineering, forensics, penetration testing, cyber security and law enforcement from top accredited organizations. They have earned reputations as leading experts and have worked in private corporations, academia, and government.

    Chris Anderson, Ph.D. – Brand & Reputation Services

    CSA Headshot-boardChris Anderson, Ph.D. leads up our brand & reputation services to include monitoring as well as crisis response.  His group provides solutions nationwide to both attorney groups, companies, executives, and celebrities.   In addition, Dr. Anderson is consulted as an expert witness in online defamation and brand attack litigation.

    Related Experience
    Co-Founder, Cyber Investigation Services, LLC, Tampa, Florida
    Group Head, Brand & Reputation Services, 2010 – Present

    • Has handled 10,000+ internet defamation and stalking assistance requests
    • Leads the software engineering group to develop high customized monitoring solutions for their clients.
    • Has assisted in the removal of well over 20,000 damaging items on the internet
    • Weekly interactions with 25+ businesses and individuals concerning the emotional and financial impact of online defamation
    • Have led teams tracking down the far reaching spread of internet defamation
    • Have led efforts to mitigate online damage via “Online Reputation Management” and the practical challenges that are faced
    • Consultant and expert to top 200 law firm’s internet defamation group, on assessment and costs to implement defamation cleanup for the lifetime of the victim

    Dr. Anderson holds a B.S. and an M.S. in Engineering Science from the University of Florida, and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from North Carolina State University.  He is the author of 16 reviewed papers, 18 conference presentations, and 4 patents.

    A complete CV is available upon request.


    Bruce Anderson, Group Head, Cyber Investigations & Intelligence

    BruceBruce Anderson holds the certifications of CEH, CFDE, CPTE, ECSA and provides high level consultation to corporations and professionals in the US, UK and Canada related to cyber security, data breaches, insider threats, high-tech privacy issues, vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, hacking and other internet and cyber threats.

    Related Experience
    Co-Founder, Cyber Investigation Services, LLC, Tampa, Florida
    Group Head, Cyber Intelligence & Investigations , 2010 – Present

    ♦ Grew CIS investigation, intelligence and forensics group to a national brand
    ♦ Proven record as consultant for law firms across U.S. on high-tech civil litigation.
    ♦ Experienced Law Enforcement & Investigative Background
    ♦ Developed proprietary approach to cyber security and data lockdown
    ♦ Serves as forensic and cyber security expert witness
    ♦ Invited speaker for national government and corporate cyber security platforms
    ♦ Active Member of FBI Infraguard


    • Data Breach & Incident Response
    • IT Security Consulting & Architecture Reviews
    • Digital Forensics & Data Recovery
    • Incident Response and Intrusion Forensics
    • Digital, Computer and Phone Forensics
    • Identification and Tracking Down Of Cyber Criminals
    • Cyber Threat Intelligence & Monitoring
    • Executive Threat Intelligence & Monitoring
    • Penetration Testing
    • Web Application Testing
    • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)
    • Expert Witness
    • Litigation Support For Attorneys and Corporate Counsels
    • Licensed Private Investigative Agency A1000310

    For full curriculum vitae, please fill out the contact request form


  • At (CIS) we have developed a team of International experts that are ex FBI agents and former law enforcment investigators that specialize in complex cyber investigations and threat intelligence.  In addition we utilize highly trained forensic accountants and computer forensic experts in making sure that the evidence obtained meet the evidence standards required to hold up in a court of law. Our team of professionals have definitive experience in cyber intelligence, fraud, cyber crime, money laundering, insider theft and espionage, computer forensics, forensic accounting, internet defamation, brand protection, copyright & trademark, data breaches, intellectual property theft, cyber security, penetration testing, corporate and executive threat intelligence.

    Cyber Investigation Services, LLC and its team hold the following certifications and expertise:


      • Licensed Private Investigative Agency A1000310
      • National Council Of Investigators and Security Services
      • International Association of Recovery Specialists
      • National Association of Fraud Investigators
      • International Organization Of Private Intelligence Agencies
      • Florida Association Of Licensed Investigators
      • Florida Association of Private Investigators
      • FBI Infra-guard Member
      • CPTE Pen Testing Certification
        CDFE Digital Forensics Certification
      • CEH Certified Ethical Hacker
      • ECSA Certified Security Analyst