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Our Defamation Philosophy

CIS’s approach is to provide the fastest, most economical solutions to our client’s defamation issues using expert resources inside & outside of our company.

Simply put, our company can resolve many client’s issues without having to use specialized attorneys or removal professionals.

However, after seeing thousands of cases, we understand exactly the team that needs to be assembled for any given issue and have all the necessary resources that we can then introduce to you as needed.

Examples Of Outside Resources That Are A Phone Call Away

Attorney Introductions

While we are not attorneys ourselves, we have introduced many of our clients to very skilled & cost effective attorneys across all 50 states.

In internet defamation, many issues can be resolved prior to going to an attorney. This is why we suggest you contact CIS first and we can show you the most cost effective solution to meet your goals.

If it becomes clear that an attorney is required, we will happily introduce you to the most appropriate firm in our extensive legal network and then support that attorney as needed.

Rest assured that we can direct you to attorneys who actually practice in this area of law with lots of cases and thus are “not learning” on your retainer.

Abuse Departments

One of the biggest frustrations experienced by clients prior to coming to CIS was they felt like they were getting no where. They would contact websites where damage was occurring but after only interacting with a “web form”, they got no response.

Why you personally or corporately are undergoing serious internet issues, this can be a very stressful time.

At CIS, we have good relationships with many abuse groups and we understand when they can, and cannot help. In many cases, we use these relationships to help bring a rapid solution to our client’s issue.

Removal Specialists

For many of our cases, their is damaging material that is seriously impacting their reputation.

For businesses, this can dramatically reduce sales.

At CIS, our team uses many different tactics to effect removal including getting cooperation from the antagonist, assistance from website owners, hosts, court ordered take downs, etc. Our team has participated in over 3 Million take downs across the internet so we can bring the experience you need.