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Anti Money Laundering-Asset Tracing & Recovery

Cyber Investigation Services (CIS) was able to help us locate stolen assets and recover them despite international jurisdiction and legal complexities.

Anti Money Laundering and Asset Tracing and Recovery
As the threat of terrorism, organized crime, corruption and drug trafficking spreads throughout the world, money launderers resort to progressively more sophisticated schemes to disguise the criminal origins of their funds, global organizations are fighting back. In the US, UK and Europe, the regulated financial sector now extends beyond the banking community to professional business intermediaries and anyone involved in high value cash transactions.

We have assembled a unique and diverse blend of former law enforcement and intelligence operatives, with unparalleled practical experience of major international money laundering investigations, asset tracing & recovery methodology.

We underpin their work with our own business intelligence division in association with a worldwide network of companies, strategic alliances and individual operatives, who are widely deployed to provide anti-money laundering and related services. At CIS we are able to provide advice, and direct assistance in the following areas:-

Regulatory Compliance and Consulting
Anti-Money Laundering procedures, Solutions and Training
Risk Assessment and Management
Global Intelligence
Forensic Auditing
Bank & Asset Locates
Asset Tracing & Recovery
Judgment Recovery
Surveillance and Counter Surveillance