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Corporate Investigations

Business Intelligence and Investigations For Corporations, High Net Worth individuals, Hedge Funds, Law Firms and Government Agencies.


International Corporate Investigations Firm with a Network of Investigators Around the Globe

Cyber Investigation Services is a leading Corporate & Cyber Investigation Agency that blends Business and Internet Intelligence, with sophisticated investigative strategies to provide intelligence to corporations Worldwide. Our team of former Federal, State & Local Investigators can identify risks and solutions through comprehensive and innovative techniques that can assist you with decision making solutions.

We serve Fortune 500 Firms, Hedge Fund Firms, Large & Small Law Firms, Insurance Companies, Non-Profit Organizations, Government Entities, High Worth Private & Public Investors and Individual Business Executives.

In today’s times, being able to navigate the complexities of international boundaries, cyber trends and regulatory requirements requires the expertise of a firm that understands the risks corporations face and the intelligence they need to make informed decisions to maximize profits.

Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, with resources worldwide our Corporate Investigators deliver
Excellence, Dedication and Professionalism to every corporate investigation we conduct, which provides you with accurate business intelligence.

Understanding Federal & State Compliance laws combined with actionable intelligence will provide your company with information that can mitigate risk without limiting client resources.

We are available 24/7  for your convenience….

Corporate Services:

      • Reputational Issues & Internet Defamation
      • Brand and Competitor Attacks
      • Money Laundering and Asset Tracing & Recovery
      • Copyright Piracy & Intellectual Property Theft
      • Employee Fraud and Misconduct
      • Extortion & Tortuous Interference
      • Internet and Financial Fraud
      • Corporate Due Diligence
      • Business Intelligence and Vetting
      • Cyber Stalking & Harassment
      • Denial Of Service Attacks
      • Cyber Intrusions and Data Breaches
      • Copyright and In-Use Trademarks
      • Asset Tracing and Recovery

At CIS we have developed teams that are experts in forensic accounting, computer forensics, network security, Legal, ex-FBI and Law Enforcement Investigators in order to investigate complex cases worldwide.

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