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Cyber Risk Analysis & Data Intrusions

"Mitigating Risk To Data Loss And Cyber Security Incidents"



In a recent Ponemon Institute Research project on 583 US companies, 90%+ said that their company had been breached at least once in the last 12 months.  Data Intrusions or no longer just the result of script kiddies just messing with your system. Recent studies done by the Department of Defense and the FBI show that more and more companies are being specifically targeted by organized crime, state actors and competitors.

What are the hackers looking for?

  • Insider Information to gain competitive advantage
  • Access to Intellectual Property
  • Credit Cards, Social Security Numbers and other valuable information

According to most network security companies, It is not “IF” you have a security incident but “WHEN”. The question is what will you do when you suspect that your company has become a target?

IT Security Auditing Services
Whether it is direct financial loss from fraud, internal sabotage, operational disruption, or loss of reputation caused through malicious, intentional or negligent acts, most companies could be at risk if their IT systems and key data are compromised.

CIS’s professional services focus on technology infrastructure, information security, risk issues and business continuity. CIS goes beyond the standardized PCS, SOX, SCADA and HIPPA audits  and  uses an  approach that focuses its risk assessments from the viewpoint of what would it take to steal the companies ” Crown Jewels”. Every company has information, strategy, data, intelligence and intellectual property that if put in the wrong hands could devastate the companies reputation, harm critical cash flow, or diminish their competitive advantage.

For this reason we have developed specialized security assessment skills that combine our years of investigative experience, pen testing experience and unique ability to break into “Secure Systems” in order to help companies protect their “Crown Jewels” and implement strategy, technology and resources necessary to mitigate their risk and keep them safe.

Some of the services available are:

  • Data Breach Threat Analysis
  • Database Security
  • Firewall Audit
  • Penetration Testing
  • Phone Sweep
  • Security Architecture
  • Social Engineering
  • Web Site Security
  • Wireless Security
  • Mobile Platform Security
  • Identification of anonymous message boards
  • Tracing of senders of malicious or offensive e-mail
  • Identification of ownership of hostile websites
  • Mapping of Internet Networks of Fraud & Conspiracy
  • Identification and Obtaining of Real IP Addresses


Cyber Investigation Services, LLC offers services that helps you quickly respond to cyber events as well as to plan in advance for their occurrence. With our fully qualified investigation and Incident Response and Forensic specialists team, you are in the best hands to not only quickly determine the extent of the breach but have an aggressive approach to containing and investigating the incident. If you need immediate help you can contact us at or fill out the form below.