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Personal Computer Hacked – Hacking Investigations

More than ever individual and small businesses are finding themselves dealing with situations where someone has hacked into their computer or smart phones to stalk, harass, steal information or intimidate the individual or small business owner.

According to recent studies there were more than over 700,000 malicious website discovered last year that had some form of an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) associated with the website that could give someone access or control of your computer. When you couple that with over 60,000 new malwares discovered each day, the ability to hack into someones computer has become as easy as buying a simple kit that even someone that doesn’t understand computers very well could use to gain access to your computer.

What Do You Do When You’ve Been Hacked?

At Cyber Investigation Services we specialize in catching hackers through advanced cyber investigative tools and specialized intelligence that allows us to zero in on whether or not you have been hacked, how you’ve been hacked, and who is behind the attacks against you or your business. In addition we can help you secure your computer or network environment to help keep you safe against current and future attacks.

STEP 1:  When  you think you have become a victim of a hacking incident, the first step we take is to determine if when and how your computer has been hacked.

STEP 2: We will determine if there is an  Advanced Persistent Threat, Listener, Back Door or Keylogger installed on your system that is capable of “phoning home” to an external IP Address.

STEP 3: We will run a comprehensive vulnerability scan on the computer and router to determine if the computer has additional vulnerabilities which would make the computer more likely to be hacked or provide easy access.

STEP 4:  If a APT is transmitting data to an outside IP, Cyber Investigation Services will obtain the IP and assess feasibility of Identifying the person/group via subpoenas issued by law enforcement or follow on legal tactics.

STEP 5: If Cyber Investigation Services determines that there is a high likelihood of discovering who and where the attacks are coming from we will advise you of steps that can be taken to trace every move the hacker makes through an advanced Computer Wire Tap that we can install on your computer or network.

STEP 5: If it is determined that the costs and time are prohibitive to investigate the hacking incident or the methodologies used can’t be traced then Cyber Investigation Services will help you mitigate the threat,  analyze your router and computer security settings and make any necessary changes to obtain maximum security from future hacks.  This step is designed to protect from most “non-professional hackers. Should your threat be from Organized Crime, or State Actors then more advanced strategies will be need to be considered.


If you think you or your business has been hacked you can contact us directly.