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Litigation Support

"Most Firms Get 1-2 Cyber Cases Per Year: We Get Hundreds. Put Experience On Your Team"


At Cyber Investigation Services, LLC, we are frequently asked by law firms to perform a wide array of litigation support tasks. Since over 90% of our business results in either criminal or legal actions, we have developed an arsenal of techniques for those firms that do not have in-house cyber experts.

Historically, many law firms struggle with cyber cases because they may only have seen one or two in their career. For us, we see over 250 requests per month so we know what works (and doesn’t) and have the ability to get your firm to expert status overnight. In addition many law firms rely on data sources such as Lexis Nexus and Google to provide them with information and intelligence when in fact that these types of search only touch about 10% of the worldwide web and private data sources. At CIS we specialize in finding hard to find information through our ability to combine Cyber Intelligence resources with on the ground resources to assist our clients in providing them with the evidence they need to assist them with their case.

What many firms find is that it is far more effective to use our firm than to waste countless hours essentially reinventing the wheel.


One of our more common requests from law firms is for our technical subpoenas.

Over time, we have developed detailed, technical subpoenas that are far more specific than those used by most attorneys on a daily basis. As an example, one of our subpoenas for internet service providers is approximately four pages long and asks for every possible piece of related information that may be available.

What we have found is that many times, the results returned from non-specific subpoenas are often insufficient and often result in added delays and unnecessary legal costs.


  • Juror and Expert Witness Vetting
  • Global Asset Tracing and Recovery
  • Location of Witnesses
  • Interviewing Of Witnesses
  • Internet Subpoena Preparation
  • Domestication Services
  • Computer Forensics
  • Internet and Social Media Profiles
  • Email and Website Tracing
  • Private Intelligence
  • Expert Testimony
  • Sworn Affidavits
  • Internet Forensics
  • Digital Forensics

Our mission is to be your rapid, on call cyber department without the expense of maintaining your own specialists.


At Cyber Investigation Services, we only take on clients that we believe we can help. When you first contact us, we will ask you for the details about your case. Our cyber strategist will then perform some initial investigations and then layout your range of possible solutions — FREE. Many clients have told us they gained more from that consultation that they had gotten from their previous legal team.



Our goal is to be a rapid response group that can quickly help you address your litigation support needs. Since almost everything we see is cyber related, we are able to offer insight, techniques, and solutions that are simply out of the reach of most legal teams.

We also have some regular law firm clients that have now chosen to explicitly grow their cyber business with us as their partner.


  • Computer Forensics
  • Global Asset Tracing & Recovery
  • Civil and Criminal Investigations
  • Private Intelligence
  • Due Diligence
  • Social Media Investigations
  • Background Investigations
  • Witness Location Services

Our team has the experience and tools to rapidly address your most complex needs.




A Subpoena Is A Subpoena

For those not used to the cyber world, then using a subpoena to discover ownership of web assets (like a gmail account) sounds simple enough. Simply request the info via subpoena and you’re done. However, places like Google tend to comply with EXACTLY what is requested and nothing more or they will move to quash the subpoena if not filed appropriately. In addition they require all out of state subpoenas to be domesticated.  Unless you know every possible piece of evidence to ask for, then you will more than likely come up empty.


John Doe Solves Everything

In internet defamation and other types of cases, the legal community has adopted a powerful tool: the John Doe lawsuit. However, there are many cases where this approach produces nothing after considerable time and expense or can subject you to an “Anti-Slapp” suit.  There are often many investigation techniques that can substantially increase the likelihood of winning your case and avoiding unnecessary costs by making mis-steps along the way.


Pleadings Roulette

Normally this statement is true however pleadings take on a very different nature in many cyber cases. When asked to review pleadings for attorneys, we often find that they fall short in one of two areas: insufficient evidence thus leaving an open door for an “Anti-Slapp” suit and/or a motion to quash in appropriate subpoena’s.  The other is not appropriately using temporary injunctions that can readily provide the client relief while the case goes through the required legal channels.