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Google Litigation Support

If You Need To Find Information On The Web, Via Subpoenas or Investigations, We Can Help.


Recent studies of legal cases filed in America suggest that over 35% of all legal cases touch the internet in some form or another. This can range from identifying anonymous attackers, tracing down Internet Protocol Addresses,to proving hacking, to proving stolen information from desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones, and many other elaborate schemes designed to harm or steal from clients.

Cyber Investigation Services, LLC helps clients and their legal teams rapidly identify and extract the information that they need.

This page details everything you will need to know and outlines realistic, highly effective solutions.


As a global leader in cyber investigations, our licensed cyber group can get to the bottom of your case. Specifically, we are experts in:

  • Internet Forensics
  • IP Webtraps & Tripwires
  • Web Honeypots
  • Social Media Mapping
  • Website/Blog Tracing
  • Email Tracing

If your need involves cyber, we can typically help you.


Many internet cases start out as John Doe litigation but only a handful of attorneys understand the complex in’s and outs of this unique approach. While man attempt John Doe for their clients, we constantly get calls seeking help after the legal team hits a snag.

There is many ways we can help support you in John Doe litigation ranging from helping you develop the complete case with our lawyer partners to providing specialized support for your legal team. Just give us a call and tell us what you need.


When you subpoena the records from Google, gmail, or almost any other website, considerable care & expertise is needed. For example, many, many attorneys have Google REJECT their subpoena requests. Why? Many of them didn’t follow the proper procedure needed to domesticate the subpoenas in California and Google simply ignored them.

In addition, we get many requests from attorneys who issued a subpoena but did not get back the information they expected. We have developed a complex, 4 page subpoena that balances your need for information and the current privacy issues involving the internet.