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Cyber Intelligence™

Cyber Intelligence with CIS Is Like Hiring Your Own Private Intelligence Agency........Confidentially

Private Intelligence Cyber Intelligence™

Cyber Intelligence Is The Gathering Of Data, Information and Human Intelligence In A Manner That Shows Patterns, Trends, Correlations of Groups, Individuals, Companies and Assets That is Typically Only Available To Law Enforcement Or Intelligence Agencies. “Cyber Intelligence’ is an essential service for corporations, law firms, high net worth individuals, financial institutions, and private equity firms to identify and avoid risks by exposing the concealed elements of prospective transactions and relationships that may impact them both domestically and internationally.


We understand the need for intelligence you can count on. At CIS we have developed key resources worldwide to vet out and sort through data, information and human intelligence in a manner that will help you and your company navigate a variety of types of risks that face corporations.

  • Cyber Risks- such as Cyber Fraud, Internet Defamation, Corporate Cyber Assignations, Data Breach Intrusions, Espionage, Intellectual Property Theft, Counterfeiting, Trade-Mark In Use, Extortion, Cyber Crime, Stalking & Harassment, Employee Workplace Theft and Embezzlement.
  • Regulatory Risks such as Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Bank Secrecy Act, OECD Convention, Patriot Act, EU Directive on Money Laundering
  • Mergers & Acquisitions intelligence on financial relationships, partners, suppliers, political relationships, Board of Directors
  • Executive Backgrounds intelligence on political affiliations and donations, known associates, previous failed businesses, criminal records, civil records (including judgments, bankruptcies, and liens), credit reports, degree verification, driving record, government watch lists, sexual offender, professional license, and media searches.
  • International and Domestic Vetting of suppliers, relationships, financial relationships, partnerships, jurors, witnesses, experts, employees.
  • Employee Misconduct investigations of Embezzlement, Theft, Trade Secrets, Espionage, Kickbacks, Sexual Harassment, Workplace Discrimination, Whistleblowers, Workers Compensation, Fraud
  • Competitive Intelligence on people, companies, competitors, internet strategy, social media, vendors, suppliers, financial relationships.
  • Criminal Activity intelligence on gangs, hate groups, activists, organized crime.


If you just need cursory information you can. However if you are needing actionable information to make clear cut decisions concerning your company, a civil proceeding or criminal arrest your information needs to be accurate, needs to be able to hold up in court, and needs to give you information that is NOT available on the typical Search Engines, or Data Services like Intellus or Lexis Nexis. Most people do not realize that only 10% of the web is actually indexed by the major search engines. Nearly 90% of all data available on the web can’t be accessed via Google, Yahoo and Bing. In addition there are numerous records in both the United States and Internationally that can only be obtained directly from the source itself. At CIS we have the ability to utilize advanced Cyber Tools, On the Ground Human Intelligence, Law Enforcement and Private Investigator Data Bases and Advanced Mapping and Correlation of Data To help you make informed decisions beyond most typical searches. When Intelligence counts, CIS team of experts can help.